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The opportunity to set all of these questions to the side and not worry about them is available with EHC through our Pre-Dressed Installation.   A number of factors from time management, to labor costs, to security and safety are always an influence when deciding  how to have your doors/hardware assembled.  We take pride in being able to assure all that needs to be done on site is simply turn a few screws and they are ready to hang.  Our Pre-Dressed Installation professionals are able to speed up project lead-time exponentially within the confines of our own warehouse.   We dress the door covering every detail and piece of hardware assigned to it while catching any and all mistakes made by the manufacturer before any products are sent to you.   Delivery is setup per your request with your specifications how you would like the doors packaged which can be by floor, area, section, schedule, etc.  This makes it easy for your team to hang floors of doors a day cutting down any extra hours of labor and additional costs. 

Have paint finished doors?  No problem, while some prefer to paint around the hardware in the field; we offer you the chance to have your team paint the finish in our warehouse before any hardware is applied to the door.   Once again, another lead-team saving opportunity for you.